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PHOTOS: Kids Klash at Lake County Youth Explosion

NEORN_LakeCounty_7.12.13_EDITED (81 of 102)The Buell brothers make contact off turn two on last lap of Bandolero Feature at Lake County Speedway “Youth Explosion Night”.  #29 Daniel Buell would be awarded the win after a rough driving penalty was assessed to #99 Donald Buell. Continue reading PHOTOS: Kids Klash at Lake County Youth Explosion

VIDEOS: Spin & Win, Wreck & Win at Lake County

NEORN_LakeCounty_7.12.13_EDITED (1 of 1)

After weeks of rain-outs and a vacation, NEO Racing News finally has some new Ride ALong footage to share with you.  Friday Night at Lake County Speedway was Youth Explosion Night, and I was able to get six videos from five cars!

#82 Tyler Turner wrecked in his Legend car in Heat #1, but managed to come back for the feature and win the whole thing.  #77 Richie Kuhn and #22 Keith Platz also carried cameras during the night.  In fact, Kuhn’s video feature his first Heat win…which happened after getting spun on the last lap.  For a bit of Factory Four/Factory Six fun, Ride Along with Dylan and Mike Atwell during the Heat and Feature, respectively. Continue reading VIDEOS: Spin & Win, Wreck & Win at Lake County

RESULTS: Asphalt Tracks June 28 & 29

Columbus Motor Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

  • Late Model Feature – 1. Bobby Justus / 2. Chad Pendleton / 3. Donnie Hill / 4. Eric Withers / 5. Josh Cahill
  • Columbus Modified Feature – 1. Sean MacNealy / 2. Kyle Purvis / 3. Terry Humphrey / 4. Shane Shirk / 5. Buddy Townsend
  • Sport Stock Feature – 1. Mike Litchfield / 2. Bill Ramey / 3. Kenny Simpson / 4. Steve Karnes / 5. Ray Muncy
  • Crazy Compact Feature – 1. Jim McElfresh / 2. Michael Robison / 3. Chris Lucas / 4. Joshua Mecum / 5. Corey Kyer
  • For full results, please visit Columbus Motor Speedway’s website.

Lake County Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

  • Pro Street Stock Feature – 1. Fred McCord / 2. Rick Pereces / 3. Matt Weigand / 4. Ed Poderzay / 5. Rick Tomcany
  • Figure 8 Feature – 1. Joe March / 2. Bill March / 3. Steve Sandli / 4. Mike Davis / 5. Allen Wells
  • Factory Four Feature – 1. Austin Wretschko / 2. Jim Harkins / 3. Bo Martin / 4. Kelly Horst / 5. Jeff Bates
  • Renegade Feature – 1. Mike Atwell / 2. Mike Reed Jr. / 3. Matt McCord / 4. Anthony Lefelhoc / 5. Tony Klingbeil

Lake Erie Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

  • INEX Legends National Qualifier (50 Laps) – 1. Brandon DeBrakeleer / 2. Jeremy Haudricort / 3. Carl Vilardo IV / 4. Brad Salatino / 5. Anthony Riforgiato
  • Compact Feature – Dan Bittinger / 2. Doug Hadley / 3. Jeff Breads / 4. Shane Forster / 5. Nick Irish
  • INEX Bandolero Feature – 1. Donald Buell / 2. Wesley McCray / 3. Daniel Buell / 4. Chase Firestone / 5. Alexis Bohrer
  • NASCAR Street Stocks – 1. Dave Krawczyk / 2. Dave Wilson / 3. Keith Platts / 4. John Denny / 5. Greg Irish
  • INEX Legends / 1. Lake Luts / 2. Carl Vilardo IV / 3. Pat Lyden / 4. Jeremy Haudricort / 5. Brandon DeBrakeleer
  • Plyer Overhead Door Modifieds – 1. Adam Kostelnik / 2. David McAvoy / 3. Randy Culver / 4. Scott Wylie / 5. Dennis Hagg

Lorain County Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

  • Sportsman Feature – 1. Roland Sheppard Jr. / 2. Don Atwell / 3. Nick Wiery / 4. Bailey Delfosse / 5. Bobby Schramm
  • Modified Feature – 1. Mark Smith / 2. Joe Quinn / 3. Kurt Hennings / 4. Tigh Shaffer / 5. T.J. Stineman
  • Grand National Feature – 1. Mike Chapman Sr. / 2. Matt Wilson / 3. Ryan Chapman / 4. Shawn Reinke
  • Chargers Feature – 1. Corey Phillips / 2. Neil Broski / 3. Lindsay Fade / 4. Jay Teague / 5. Josh Bailey
  • For full results, please visit Lorain County Speedway’s website.

Midvale Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

Toledo Speedway – Friday 6/28/13

Sandusky Speedway – Saturday 6/29/13

  • Ignitable Technologies Modified Feature – 1. Joe Shannon / 2. Stephen Klinect / 3. Kenny Sharp / 4. Scott Hart
  • Milan Automotive Hobby Stock Feature – 1. John McKee / 2. Mike McDonald / 3. Joey Wyckoff
  • Pizza Brothers Street Stock Feature – 1. Chris Hamilton / 2. Cody Rose / 3. Randy Dawson
  • For more information, please visit Sandusky Speedway’s website.

Racing Around NEO: Monsoon Edition

NEORN_SanduskySpeedway_6.15.13_EDITED (44 of 184)

This weekend is complicated by threats of rain, but don’t let that hold you back from heading out to the track!  All Friday night racing was cancelled due to rain and wet conditions.  The weather has also adjusted Sandusky Speedway’s schedule, with the Auto Value Super Sprints cancelling their feature.  Sandusky will continue their show with Mods, Street Stocks, and Hobby Stocks.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest on rain delays and race cancellations Continue reading Racing Around NEO: Monsoon Edition

Racing Around NEO: Sprints Kick Off Speedweek

NEORN_MidvaleSpeedway_6.8.13_EDITED (25 of 230)
There is quite a bit of everything and anything racing this weekend.  Friday night kicks off the UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions Ohio 410 Sprint Speedweek, which will probably be the focus of dirt track fans across the state.  Also kicking off Friday is the “No Box Bonanza” weekend at Summit Motorsports Park.  On asphalt, Youth Explosion Night returns for its second visit at Lake County.

Saturday…more!  On the entertainment side, Lake Erie hosts Monster Jam while Lake County hosts the “Knights of Destruction.”  MSA Supermodified teams will turn to Sandusky Speedway, hoping to get some track time before July’s Hy-Miler ISMA Nationals.  Dirt-wise, Sharon, Deerfield, and Hilltop all have regular shows on tap (in case All Star Sprints at Eldora are a bit too far to drive).  Plus, Dragway 42 & Thompson Raceway Park feature drag racing of different types.

You can find all the details for racing this weekend (and beyond) by continuing to read after the break!
Continue reading Racing Around NEO: Sprints Kick Off Speedweek

Racing Around NEO: Late-May Showers Bring June Racing Edition

NEORN_Midvale_5.25.13_EDITED (20 of 269)

Alright, so the rain pretty much knocked the entire region’s racing schedule to the mat…but the good news is that the forecast is looking fantastic for this weekend!  That’s a good thing considering that every track is busy this weekend in some form or fashion.

Toledo Speedway highlights Friday night, as the track offers free admission, food, and drink to all kids under 14.  Saturday, the NYPAMA Midgets head to Lake Erie Speedway, while the MSA Supermodifieds set up camp at Lorain County Speedway.  Sunday at 2 PM, Lake County Speedway makes up its “Shootout by the Shore” invitational with three divisions of racing.

NEO Racing News will be bringing you racing action from Midvale Speedway and Lake County Speedway this weekend!  Follow us on Twitter for all the live updates, with pictures and videos posted to the site throughout the weekend.  To find what racing is happening close to you, keep reading after the break! Continue reading Racing Around NEO: Late-May Showers Bring June Racing Edition

RESULTS: Asphalt Tracks May 25th through 27th

NEORN_Midvale_5.25.13_EDITED (263 of 269) Continue reading RESULTS: Asphalt Tracks May 25th through 27th

Racing Around NEO: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

NEORN_Midvale_5.11.13 (1 of 193)

Memorial Day Weekend is finally upon us, which means we as a nation should pause to remember those that we have lost as they have defended our freedoms and serve our country.  We should not ignore our retired and active military, who have and continue to be there for us as a country.

While we pause to reflect and honor, the flood gates in the Northeast Ohio region have opened.  Lake Erie Speedway in Erie, PA will open their 2013 season (sans late models) Saturday night, while Attica takes a week off to prep for the World of Outlaws.  Fremont Speedway spends the weekend with the UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions, while Sharon Speedway doubles-up with the RUSH late Model Touring Series.  Modifieds are the main theme at three tracks this weekend, with special races planned at Lorain (Saturday), Sandusky (Sunday), and Lake County (Monday).

NEO Racing News will be at Midvale Speedway for its 60th Anniversary celebration, and Sandusky Speedway for the second leg of the Modified Challenge.

It’s a full weekend of racing…keep reading for the full schedule of events! Continue reading Racing Around NEO: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

RESULTS: Asphalt May 17th Through 19th

NEORN_SanduskySpeedway_5.18.13 (119 of 172) Continue reading RESULTS: Asphalt May 17th Through 19th

PHOTOS: “Youth Explosion Night” at Lake County Speedway

NEORN_LakeCounty_5.17.13 (34 of 113)
Lake County Speedway invited Legends, Bandoleros, and Under 21 Factory Fours to race last night for the first of six “Youth Explosion” nights throughout the summer.  The kids put on quite a show across all three divisions.  Keep reading to see the slideshow full of pictures. Continue reading PHOTOS: “Youth Explosion Night” at Lake County Speedway