Top Videos of 2014: #10 Brandon Leighton Hangover Race Feature

To kick off the 2015 season here at NEO Racing News, I am going to start by looking back at the Top 10 videos of 2014, based on views.  As always, remember to check out the more than 300 videos uploaded to the NEO Racing News YouTube Channel by clicking the link!

#10 – Brandon Leighton Hangover Race Feature (Whiskey Stock)

Bring on the snow, bring on the cold, drivers and fans alike were able to cope with conditions for Sandusky Speedway’s annual Wild Bill Hangover Race.  Its unique racing opportunities (as in, they race in any weather conditions) allowed for cars in three divisions to race in snow, slush, and ice.

In this video, Brandon Leighton races in a pack of Whiskey Stock (Compact/Hobby Stock cars) and battles to keep the car where the racing surface is supposed to be.  The NEO Racing News Ride Along camera gets covered in snow throughout the race, but still provides an awesome view of cars racing in the snow.

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