VIDEOS: Ride Along with Mods, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks

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Rain may have threatened Sandusky Speedway on Saturday night, but maybe the brief sprinkles should have been afraid of the four Feature winners.  #5 Todd Buchanan (Buckeye Super Sprints), #75 Stephen Klinect (Mod), #07 Justin Hamilton (Street Stock),  and #07 Joey Wyckoff (Hobby Stock) all dominated their feature races.

However, the entire field of each race put on a great show for the fans who attended.  Contact, crazy passes, and more unfolded on-track…and in front of the NEO Racing News Ride Along cameras.  Continue reading after the break to see all eight videos from Hamilton, #55 Austin White (Hobby Stock), and #61 Tyler Shullick (Mod).  You won’t be disappointed.

#55 Austin White – Hobby Stock Dash

#55 Austin White – Hobby Stock Heat #2

#55 Austin White – Hobby Stock Feature

#61 Tyler Shullick – Modified Heat #2

#61 Tyler Shullick – Modified Feature

#07 Justin Hamilton – Street Stock Dash

#07 Justin Hamilton – Street Stock Heat

#07 Justin Hamilton – Street Stock Feature

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